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Nov 01, 2014

Tips for the "The Most Perfect" Engagement Ring Selfie


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You're engaged and sporting your new favorite piece of jewelry. Congrats! Now that you've shared the happy news with your family and friends, it's time to make the important social media announcement. But before you get overly snap happy (remember, posting just one photo will make the most impact), read these tips from professional wedding photographer Paige Jones on how to best capture that bling. Then, hashtag #engagementringselfie and watch the likes roll in!

  1. Hands up!
    "If you raise your hand up above your head for 30 seconds, the blood will drain and your hands will be less veiny," Jones says. "So have your camera at the ready when you bring your hand down for 'the shot'!"
  2. Keep in mind the depth of field.
    "Create some space between your hand and the background," advises Jones. "The more space you have, the more the background will blur, keeping the focus where it should be — on your rock!"
  3. Catch the light.
    "There's a reason so many people take selfies in their cars — filtered window light is very flattering." To get the most sparkle in your photo, Jones recommends heading to the nearest window with some sun shining through and moving your bauble around until you catch just the right light.
  4. Perfect the angle and style your shoot.
    The best angle to shoot your rock is the one that showcases all of it. "People love a good 'over the top' shot, says Jones. "From your morning coffee in bed to the '#fromwhereistand' shots that flood your Instagram feed, a shot from above is visually appealing and an easy way to create an eye catching image. Throw in some flowers, flip through a wedding magazine, stand over a vintage rug, the possibilities are endless!"